me at Chicago in 2016

My name is Giampaolo Rodola. I'm a passionate Python developer who loves writing open source libraries for fun. I'm mostly known for being the author of psutil. I am also a senior consultant and freelancer. Below is a list of my contribution to the world.




python-dev contributions

Starting from year 2010 I've been given commit access against Python code repository. My contributions are mainly focused against the Python standard library. Some I particularly care about:

BPO Module / API Description
33671 shutil faster file copy with zero-copy syscalls (pycon china talk)
33695 shutil faster file copy by using os.scandir + caching
4080 unittest unittest timings
10882 os.sendfile expose sendfile() syscall
17552 socket.sendfile sendfile() high-level wrapper
17561 socket.create_server utility function for dual-stack IPv4/6 TCP servers
2054 ftplib.TLS_FTP FTP over SSL support
12442 shutil.disk_usage disk usage metrics
10784 os.setpriority get/set process priority
21076 signal signal module constant enums
18931 selectors Solaris /dev/poll support

Python recipes

Whatever is not big enough to become an actual project I usually turn into an independent recipe. Here's the ones I like the most:

Abandoned projects

These are from when I started moving my first steps with Python in 2005. Listed here mainly for historical / nostalgic reasons. =)